What’s New With the Security as a Service Working Group?

CSA members are invited to join the Security-as-a-Service Working Group (SecaaS WG) which aims to promote greater clarity in the Security as a Service model.

Why a Security as a Service Working Group?

Numerous security vendors are now leveraging cloud based models to deliver security solutions. This shift has occurred for a variety of reasons including greater economies of scale and streamlined delivery mechanisms. Regardless of the motivations for offering such services, consumers are now faced with evaluating security solutions which do not run on premises. Consumers need to understand the unique nature of cloud delivered security offerings so that they are in a position to evaluate the offerings and to understand if they will meet their needs.

Research from this working group aims to identify consensus definitions of what Security as a Service means, to categorize the different types of Security as a Service and to provide guidance to organizations on reasonable implementation practices.

Ongoing Research

As part of its charter, the group expects to publish three key pieces of research related to the Security as a Service model over the course of the following six months

1. A Category Framework Proposal. This will include business and technical elements as well as a survey on this framework proposal and how it applies to existing categories

2. Categories of Service v2.0. This document will include sections based off of the new framework

3. Implementation Documents v2.0,. These implementation documents will include templates based off of the new framework as well business and technical elements as well as a detailed guidance.

To get involved, visit the SecaaS Working Group page.



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